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Online retailers take a 30-70% cut of your profits ... money YOU can keep!

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Know EXACTLY who is buying your book ... and connect with them after the sale.

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Online retailers pay authors 30-90 days after the sale ... and beyond!

Use your marketing dollars to promote your own books

Sales pages at online retailers include over 20 books that aren't yours - spend your money on YOU!

Build a new revenue stream - and expand your product line

Add coaching sessions, book swag, appearances, online courses, and more to your offerings.

Package and promote your books YOUR way

Offer your own bundle discounts, gift certificates, and special promotions anytime you like


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Shop Books Direct – Where Authors Thrive!

For Authors who want MORE!

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Shop Book Direct is THE place for authors to quickly and easily sell books directly to their readers – in digital, print, and audiobook formats – along with creating coupons, packages, upsells, additional items, and SO much more!

You have questions ... we have SOLUTIONS!

Unlock an array of benefits by selling your books directly to readers:

  1. Maximize Your Earnings: Experience a substantial increase in your revenue as you earn a higher percentage on each sale. Unlike traditional platforms, direct sales mean more money in your pocket for every copy sold.
  2. Own Your Customer Data: Take charge of your authorship journey by having complete control over your customers’ data. Build meaningful connections and tailor your offerings based on valuable insights, fostering a stronger relationship with your audience.
  3. Strategic Marketing Control: Utilize your marketing budget to its full potential by promoting your own books directly. Craft personalized campaigns, target your specific audience, and amplify your reach without limitations imposed by external platforms.
  4. Instant Gratification – Get Paid Immediately: Say goodbye to long payment delays. With direct sales, you get paid immediately, ensuring a steady and predictable income stream. Focus on your writing without the stress of waiting for payments.
  5. Diversify Your Offerings: Expand beyond traditional book sales and offer a variety of non-book items to your readers. From merchandise to exclusive content, diversifying your offerings enhances the overall shopping experience for your audience, increasing your brand’s appeal.
  6. Embrace Wide and Non-Exclusive Distribution: Choose freedom and flexibility with your book distribution strategy. Be wide and non-exclusive, reaching audiences across various platforms and markets. This approach maximizes your visibility and allows you to connect with readers on a global scale.

Seize the opportunity to redefine your authorial success – direct sales, direct impact!


Here’s how you can seamlessly sell your digital books through our platform:

1.  Direct Downloads: Experience the simplicity of direct sales with our hassle-free direct download feature. Once readers make a purchase, they gain instant access to your literary masterpiece. No intermediaries, no delays – just a straightforward connection between your creation and its audience.

2.  Seamless Integration with BookFunnel: Amplify your reach and enhance the reader experience by integrating your Shop Books Direct account with BookFunnel. With this dynamic duo, you can effortlessly distribute your books, manage advanced reader copies, and engage with your audience through customizable download pages. It’s the perfect synergy for authors who crave both efficiency and reader satisfaction.

3.  Personal Touch: Emailing Attachments Manually: Add a personal touch to your sales process by manually emailing attachments to your readers after a purchase. Tailor your communication, express your gratitude, and provide that extra level of connection that sets you apart. It’s not just a transaction; it’s the beginning of a literary relationship.


Discover the simplicity and flexibility of selling your print books directly to readers through Shop Books Direct. Here’s how you can cater to your audience’s preferences with a variety of fulfillment options:

1.  Personal Fulfillment: Enjoy the personal touch of packaging and shipping your books directly from the comfort of your home. Utilize your existing inventory to fulfill orders promptly, creating a unique and intimate connection with your readers. Every book becomes a personalized gift, directly from the author to the reader.

2.  Fulfillment Company: Streamline your fulfillment process by partnering with a professional fulfillment company. From warehousing to shipping, these experts handle the logistics, allowing you to focus on what you do best – writing. Your readers receive professionally packaged books efficiently, enhancing their overall experience.

At, we provide fulfillment and shipping services to our authors. Visit our printing information page for details on rates, often more competitive than other fulfillment options. While we don’t have an in-house printing facility, we can arrange printing with our partner for a minimum order of 50 books. Authors can also drop off their books at our offices for fulfillment.

3.  Print-on-Demand with LuLu or BookVault: Embrace the convenience of print-on-demand with trusted partners like LuLu or BookVault. No need for large upfront investments or worries about inventory management. Your books are printed and shipped to readers as orders come in, providing a cost-effective and efficient solution for both you and your audience.

4.  Retail Purchase Fulfillment: Offer a unique and personalized touch by purchasing your books at retail and having them delivered directly to your buyer. This method allows you to support local bookstores or retailers while ensuring your readers receive brand-new copies of your work.


Embark on an immersive audiobook-selling experience with Shop Books Direct, where we prioritize the seamless delivery of your digital masterpieces. Here’s how we make selling audiobooks a breeze:

1.  BookFunnel Integration: At Shop Books Direct, we’ve teamed up with BookFunnel, a trusted platform for delivering digital content, to ensure a smooth audiobook delivery process. Like magic, BookFunnel effortlessly handles the distribution and support aspects of your audiobook sales, providing a hassle-free experience for both you and your listeners.

2.  Leveraging Audiobook Distributors: Explore additional avenues for selling audiobooks by tapping into your existing audiobook distributors, such as FindawayVoices. Check if they offer direct-to-listener methods or distribution coupons. If coupon codes are at your disposal, you can take control of the sales process by personally emailing codes and instructions to your buyers once their purchase is complete.

3.  Personalized Communication: Enhance the direct-to-listener experience by communicating with your audience personally. When utilizing coupon codes from your distributor, leverage this opportunity to send tailored emails containing the code and clear instructions, establishing a deeper connection with your audiobook enthusiasts.

There are many printing companies that offer fulfillment services, and if you are planning a large-scale fulfillment of your books to Amazon buyers and others worldwide, I would recommend connecting with Accutrack, Brightstar, or another excellent fulfillment service. Companies like these offer a wide range of services for authors and other retailers. However, these services generally come with steep set-up fees and monthly storage fees costing hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars, in addition to shipping and handling costs.

At ShopBooksDirect, we offer print fulfillment for our member authors at the same per-piece handling rate as others, without the costly start-up fees or steep monthly inventory rates. However, our services are limited to fulfilling orders placed on ShopBooksDirect, along with authors contacting us directly for personal order fulfillment.

The fees for fulfillment of print books with ShopBooksDirect are as follows:

Start-up cost – $0

You are welcome to mail/deliver books to our location yourself, or if you prefer, we can order books at low author rates for you (we will need all print files to facilitate an order, with a minimum order of 50 books).

Monthly storage/inventory – $10 per month for your first title/$5 per month for each additional title. (Most fulfillment companies charge from $150 and up for storage)

Shipping – the cost of shipping supplies (cardboard mailers/boxes) plus the cost of media mail (generally between $4-$6, this is the standard price for all fulfillment companies).

Handling – $1.50 handling charge per order, plus $0.50 per item (this is the standard price for all fulfillment companies).

If you are interested in our print fulfillment services, please CLICK HERE to fill out an information sheet.

You can sell books in packages, along with non-book items at ShopBooksDirect. Consider including book excerpts, individual chapters, book club, questions, coloring pages, coaching sessions, book club appearances, toys and gifts – whatever you like! If you would like to run a buy two/get one free promotion on your series, bundle backlist items with the newer release, or offer a monthly subscription, or Patreon membership, you can do that right on your shop page.

When it comes to selling tangible items, you’re in the driver’s seat with a range of choices:

  1. Self-Shipping/Fulfillment: Similar to managing book inventory, you have the option to handle the shipping of tangible items yourself. Keep an inventory on hand and fulfill orders directly, or streamline the process by utilizing a fulfillment center to manage shipping logistics on your behalf.

  2. Affiliate Linking: Enter the world of affiliate marketing, where you can become a virtual storefront for a variety of products. Acting as a middleman or distributor, you can offer anything from jewelry to snowblowers without the need to physically possess the items. Consider researching this option if you’re intrigued by the prospect of broadening your product range.

  3. Amazon Affiliate Program: Amazon offers a robust affiliate program for those looking to sell their products without the hassle of inventory management. Explore the potential of being an affiliate seller on your own website, earning commissions for each sale made through Amazon product links.

Diversify Your Shop – The Possibilities Are Endless!

Whether you choose to ship items independently, leverage affiliate links, or explore fulfillment options, your shop becomes a versatile marketplace for your creativity.

Each week, different books are featured on the Shop Books Direct home page, as well as being included in our Shop Books Direct promotional email going to thousands of readers. Featured books are also boosted on social media through our ad campaigns, with links going directly to the author’s page at Shop Books Direct. 

If you would like to be a featured author, rates begin at just $100 – once you are registered at Shop Books Direct you will receive information and available dates to promote YOUR book – on our home page, email blasts, and social media ad campaigns.

Absolutely! If you refer someone to Shop Books Direct and they sign up for an annual plan, you will receive 1 month free yourself. Yes, your annual renewal will be extended by 1 month when we receive word of your generous referral. If you refer more friends, you’ll receive a bonus month for each referral – refer enough friends and you’ll have all of the benefits of Shop Books Direct for free … forever!

For just $25 per month you can have all of the benefits of selling your books directly to readers – just $20 per month on our annual plan. Act now, and our MANAGED ACCOUNT SERVICE with product set-up is FREE with the annual plan. That’s a $99 value FREE if your sign up now.

Hurry – these deals won’t last!

So if you price your digital book at $10 and your online retailer takes 50% (commonly, platforms like Amazon deduct 30-70% of your profits), you can cover your monthly fee with just four sales. Beyond that, every additional sale contributes directly to your profit.

Please note that ShopBooksDirect is not a legal or financial advisor. We strongly recommend consulting with professionals when making business decisions regarding sales tax collection.

Sales Tax Collection Requirements:

  • Economic Nexus: Sellers are generally required to collect and remit sales tax if they reach “economic nexus” in any state. The typical threshold is $100,000 in sales within a year, although some states may have higher thresholds.
  • Print Book Sales: These guidelines typically apply to print book sales, not digital products. Always check with each state to confirm their specific requirements.

For more detailed information, visit Stripe’s Introduction to US Sales Tax and Economic Nexus.

ShopBooksDirect Sales Tax Policy:

  • New York State: Since ShopBooksDirect is located in New York, we handle the collection and remittance of sales tax for all sales made within New York State. Authors with nexus in New York do not need to worry about collecting sales tax themselves.
  • Other States: Authors can opt to collect sales tax for other states via their dashboard. If an author chooses to do so, the sales tax will be added to the purchase price, and the author will be responsible for submitting the collected sales tax to the respective state.

ShopBooksDirect ensures compliance with New York State sales tax laws by remitting all required taxes directly. For other states, please ensure you follow the necessary procedures for sales tax collection and remittance.